“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

– Romans 8:28

To wrap up our discussion about David and Goliath, I want to share a final thought with you. If you’re feeling alone and frightened in this strange season, it’s important to remember that the man after God’s heart began his life in obscurity. Yes, he had a large family, but he was often by himself, looking after his sheep. Though it afforded him quiet times to be with the Lord and fortified his soul for the things he would face later, there must have been moments when he was lonely and afraid. As he was approached by a ferocious lion and a hungry bear and required to slay them by himself, I’m certain he questioned his lot in life. While he felt a responsibility to his flocks and to his father’s household, he probably wondered if he was ever going to move beyond this trying phase. Perhaps that’s why he jumped at the chance to face the giant. At that critical point, though tested, he realized that everything he had endured already perfectly prepared him for this pivotal moment that would change the trajectory of his course and save thousands of others. And so it is with many things in our lives. 

My friend, though you may be dealing with isolation and unexpected attacks by the enemy, God is using your difficulties to prepare you for an even greater mission. As you stand on His Word, guard what He’s entrusted to you, and fight the good fight of faith — in spite of your questions and doubts — He is fashioning resilience in your spirit that will be a source of strength to many others. While it’s not easy, and at times you may feel like you can’t go on, your Savior is birthing something unique in you through your struggles. He is using every trial, loss, and battle to build you up so your testimony can become a source of triumph to the people He places around you! 


Jesus, I embrace what you’re building in me through difficulty. Help me to lean into the pain, knowing that you will ultimately turn it into gain.


What might God be preparing you for in the midst of your current struggles?


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