“Because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

– James 1:3

When you’re baptized in the love of Jesus, you get a fire put inside of you. And the lowest it can go is a pilot light. The lowest it can go is a little blue flame. You may not even see it unless you get close — but it’s there and you need it. The way you turn that flame up is through faith — faith is the gas. Man, some of the old-timer Christians here have so much fire and life. You’ve known the Lord for a long time. You are just a source of healing, life, and goodness. But sometimes in our lives, as we’ve gone through hurt, anguish, and sickness, doubt and the dark night of the soul, that gas gets turned down and we think there’s nothing left. I think the Lord wants to say to you today, turn the gas up. Turn up that flame. You have not only a right, but a responsibility to be Rapha. To be healing. There is this power within you released by faith that allows you and others to be healed.


Give me a pilot light of faith, God. Help me to use my faith to heal others.


How’s your pilot light of faith?

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