Pondering What’s Precious

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

– Luke 2:19

Do you ever take time to ponder? According to the dictionary, to ponder means “to think or consider, especially quietly, soberly, and deeply.” I believe there are many things in our lives that are worth careful thought and consideration, especially spiritual mysteries and blessings. One of my favorite (although often overlooked) lines in the Christmas story is that of Mary treasuring the happenings surrounding Jesus’ birth and pondering them in her heart. Clearly, she knew that what was taking place was significant, but it’s notable that she took time to meditate on the wonder of those moments and that the Bible actually records it. It’s as if the Lord put her pensive ponderings in His Word as an example to say to us that it’s a gift to savor, contemplate, and meditate on the amazing works He accomplishes in and through our lives. 

Take some time this season, my friend, to ponder the work of the living Jesus. The baby who came to earth over 2,000 years ago chooses to make Himself at home in your heart and uses you to show His wonder to the world. It’s a gift to reflect on His movement in your midst and to quiet your heart before Him so He can reveal His presence in even deeper ways. Welcome your Savior in each moment, worship Him in spirit and truth, and expect Him to speak in every situation and circumstance.


Jesus, I choose to ponder the wonder of your work in me, and I invite you to bring your precious promises to pass in my life.


What are you pondering today?

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