And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Colossians 3:17

So in terms of praying in a “Do It Yourself” way, here are some simple tips: First, when we pray, we pray in Jesus’ name. Now again, everything we do is in Jesus’ name. It doesn’t suddenly become Jesus’ name because we say it, but when we pray, the reason we include and invoke the name of Jesus is not for God, it’s for us. When you say ‘in Jesus’ name,’ what you’re actually saying is, the way I’m praying right now, it’s just as if Jesus were praying. Jesus has given you — through your baptism — all of His authority to do His work and to approach the throne of the Father in His name. Now that should make you feel very confident. Bobby might pray in Bobby’s name, but you can pray in Jesus’ name. What I mean by this is, when you go to your pastor (or somebody that you think is holy or righteous), and if you simply pray in Jesus’ name, you’re praying in the name of the one who is the most righteous, most Godly, or the most faithful. His name is Jesus Christ, and when you pray, it’s as though He is praying Himself. Isn’t that good news? So in the same way, if Jesus ascended from heaven and put His hand on your shoulder and prayed for whatever is on your mind — your job, your elbow, your driver license — that you would lead that prayer with the same faith as if He was actually doing that. When you say in Jesus’ name, it’s powerful.


Thank you, God, for Jesus. Thank you for your Son who is such an advocate for us. Thank you for the power and the life that we receive from Him.


How can you approach the throne in the name of Jesus?

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