“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”

– 1 Chronicles 16:11

Yesterday, we discussed how having a routine may be very valuable as we strive to become rooted and grounded individuals who thrive in turmoil. I’m hoping that by sharing the five steps of my “morning meditation,” you’ll be inspired to create your own, since I feel it will help you grow in the Lord and empower you to be a more powerful influence in the world. In our last devotional, I mentioned how meditation is the first stage in my morning ritual, and how it easily leads to the second component, prayer. Reflecting on a passage of Scripture and lifting up the Name of Jesus in worship generates a lovely Spiritual atmosphere that makes it simple to just begin talking to Him. Now, I don’t have a set prayer formula, but I do pray for my church and family every day, and then I take an opportunity to listen to how the Holy Spirit leads me and lift up whatever is on my mind. I also pray with my body, literally extending my hand towards my children in various rooms of the home, and Hannah in the same way. In this sense, I’m kind of sending life and love to them in Jesus’ name.

Friend, I’ve discovered that being in this prayerful environment allows me to hear God’s voice during my “morning meditation” and allows Him to speak into the rest of my day. In fact, spending the remainder of my hours awake in that space of communion with Jesus keeps me in a condition of calm and tranquillity that I wouldn’t have found if we hadn’t spent that unique time together in the morning. The Bible advises to “pray continually,” and I believe this happens naturally when you connect with your Heavenly Father and experience His presence in a focused way, as I do in my morning prayer time. When I connect to the source of power at the start of the day, staying in Him for the rest of the day is easy. Isn’t that fantastic news?


Jesus, thank you for listening to my prayers. I ask that you please bear with me and allow me to keep in touch with you throughout the day.


Is prayer a part of your everyday routine for you? How do you maintain your relationship with Jesus?

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  1. Prayers for effects of climate fire water rain floods in NW WA BC.

    Bring out the Son Sun to dry up all the rain.


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