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Pre-Order Your “O Holy Night” DVD

It’s almost that time of the year: Christmas! As the time of Advent starts, we’re excited about our Christmas concert at Shepherd’s Grove on December 1st, “O Holy Night!” Are you not able to attend? Don’t worry, you don’t have to miss it. A DVD of the concert will be available!

Our “O Holy Night” concert DVDs will be ready to ship starting December 18th. Pre-orders are available now! We’d like to give you a special price on this DVD until Friday, December 1st. So order your DVD today, for only $20, and enjoy “O Holy Night” in your own living room anytime.

The special price applies to as many copies as you like. So share the joy of Christmas and its enchanting music today!

Click here to order the “O Holy Night” DVD.

More info:

Do you want to know more about “O Holy Night?” Make sure to read our blog about the musical talent that will enrich us at the concert. Do you have the opportunity to see the concert live at Shepherd’s Grove, but would you like more info on the tickets? Check out this blog.


2 thoughts on “Pre-Order Your “O Holy Night” DVD

  1. Enrico Schneider says:

    We are interested to get a DVD of the “holy night”. How can we get one?

    Enrico and Birgit Schneider
    An der Schmachtekorste 12
    58849 Herscheid

    1. Megan Ewbank says:

      Hi, Enrico!

      Please use this link to order your DVD. We hope you enjoy!

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