“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

– Proverbs 4:23

In addition to preparing our minds, the second thing we can do to intentionally move from a posture of waiting to one of preparation is to purify our hearts. Just as Jewish worshippers, when partaking in Mikvah, would wash their chest as a way of asking the Lord to make their inner being right before Him, as those who are proactively seeking His perfect will, we should focus on preparing our hearts. It’s important to note that in the context of Scripture, the heart is the center of a person’s being — the place from which everything else flows. Therefore, when we speak of cleansing and readying this sacred part of us, we’re referring to making right that which is deep inside. Naturally, this starts with having a relationship with Jesus Christ, the One who exchanges our sin for His righteousness. Once we’ve received His gift of salvation, we’re perfected in Heaven’s eyes by His sacrifice, but there’s still room to grow in other areas. Therefore, preparing our heart means considering the answer to questions such as: Do I hate what’s evil and cling to what’s good? Am I humble? Am I kind? As we ponder our responses to such self-probing inquiries, we invite the Holy Spirit to search our souls and change us from the inside out so that our attitudes, actions, and behaviors come into alignment with His holy, humble, and benevolent nature.

My friend, as you actively prepare to receive your Savior’s best for your future, focus on the wellspring that’s in your heart. Because you’ve been born again of Christ’s imperishable seed, you have everything you need to live a life that’s brimming with the good fruit that takes root deep within, where He does His most glorious work. As you invite Jesus to make Himself at home in your spirit, He will forge from surrendered obedience the strength of character you need to thrive in your next season!


Jesus, prepare my heart for all that you have in store for my future. Strengthen it, purify it, and make it more like yours.


Is there anything in your heart that you need to confess or surrender today? If so, take a moment to do that now.

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