Present Through Suffering

“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance…”

– Romans 5:3

We talked yesterday about the importance of not asking too many questions during the winter seasons of our lives. Today, I want to provide another tip that can aid us in navigating the difficult times we are in: be present in your suffering.

I’ve previously told the story of a boy and a silver ball on a string, and it perfectly illustrates the argument I want to make today. It’s a Russian tale about a school-aged child who meets a fairy while roaming through the woods. She gives him a present during the encounter, which appears to be a simple silver ball on a piece of string but is actually a magic wand that allows him to pull the string and fast forward past difficult aspects of his life. While everything seemed to be going well at first, with the young man being able to avoid tedious lectures and enjoy endless summer vacations, the years of his life began to fly past. He was at the end of his days without warning, slumped over and mentally and spiritually weak. He ran into the fairy again in that state. He voiced his grief at how quickly his life had slipped him by as she inquired about whether he loved the gift she had given him. She offered to give him one more wish because she was merciful, and you guessed it, he wanted to be free of the wand and live through every aspect of his existence, including the dreaded winter seasons.

Friend, the same is true for you. I strongly advise you to embrace every challenging wilderness experience you have. Instead of trying to divert yourself or find ways to speed up the process, be present in the pain. When you feel the weight of the winter, be there, don’t be somewhere else, and let the Lord to thoroughly immerse you in His presence. It is beautiful, despite its weight, and it provides you with a tremendous opportunity to learn about God’s faithful and longsuffering love. So, child of the shifting seasons, don’t flee the wilderness; instead, let Jesus meet you there in all of His mercy and sufficiency!


Lord Jesus, teach me to appreciate the wilderness and winters in my life. I trust you to bring your warmth to my coldest days because I know you are always with me.


How can you practice being present in a situation where you are suffering? Which winters has Jesus seen you through already?

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  1. Losing loved ones. Being diagnosed with cancer.Not playing bingo and singing karaoke at our Miami Elks Lodge 948.Not doing my lector ministry during the 7:30 am Sunday Mass at St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church. Not being able to go on cruises to the Carribbean, or to Hawaii. Not shopping for groceries at Publix.Not eating in my favorite restaurant. Not being able to enjoy a day at Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure Park. Or also at Walt Disney World, and Epcot. Animal Kingdom. And Disney’s Hollywood Studio.. I think that this horrible virus has kept all of us hostages in our own homes.But I know that with the grace of God, He will get everyone through this cold and dark winter.I hope and pray that the Hour of Power will continue its mission of bringing the good news of God and his healing messages to all around the world.To Pastor Bobby Schuller and his beautiful,family. I ask in prayer, that God will bless them with abundant and good health. To the musicians and choir and their directors, messages of thanks and appreciation. for the beautiful music and singing.To all at Shepherd’s Grove. I send love. peace and warm thoughts.As always I remain a faithful viewer and Happy and Wholesome Student in Jesus Christ. Amen. And may God bless America

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