“He has preserved our lives and kept our feet from slipping.”

– Psalm 66:9

Yesterday, we talked about the presence of salt in the ancient world, and we learned that it was valuable enough back then to play a role in the founding of the Roman Empire, was the basis for the name given to soldiers, and was sometimes even used to pay wages. Knowing this, we’re logically inclined to wonder why. What was it about salt that made it so vital to life in that time? Since answering this question gives us insight into our role in the Kingdom of God, I want to spend the next few days unpacking three important properties of salt. First of all, it was critical because it preserves. If you were a family of five in the Middle East 2,000 years ago and you needed to store enough meat and provisions to feed your family for two weeks, you either brined them by soaking them in saline solution or dried them out by packing them in salt crystals. In the absence of refrigeration, only this precious mineral made survival possible, and this truth gives us powerful insight into the role of children of God in the world today. While the earth and all that’s in it are perishing due to the infectious nature of sin, we are messengers of Christ’s preservation and restoration. Because He made us new on the inside, we are called to take His hope-giving, soul-renewing love to other people so they can be sustained and rejuvenated by His power!

My friend, the potency you have in Jesus preserves lives! You were pulled from the pit and given an everlasting inheritance, so you can impart His power and destiny-changing truth to others. As you go into the world full of peace, faith, and joy, your saltiness draws people so you can share your eternal hope with them. More than ever, your friends and neighbors need what you have, so own your worth in the Kingdom of God, and let His love speak through you in action, speech, and attitude. Introduce precious hearts to the redeeming power of your Savior, and your salient faith will have a huge impact!


Jesus, I know that I am the salt of the earth, so use me to bless and preserve many lives.


How can you be a force of divine preservation in a perishing world?

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