Provision Through Providing

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” 

– Proverbs 11:25

Robert Morris is the pastor who founded Gateway Church back in 2000. However, before he began that ministry, he was an itinerant preacher, which means he relied on other congregations for his income. He was usually able to plan his finances based on how many preaching engagements he had in a given period, but one month, he only had a single church booked, which found him asking God how he was going to make ends meet. The Lord assured him that He would provide, and when he got to the church for that one service, the people were very responsive to his message. However, there was a missionary who spoke the same evening, and during worship, God prompted Pastor Morris to give whatever he received in offerings that night to her. When he got done speaking, the amount that came in was huge — definitely enough to get him through the rest of the month — but just as he was breathing a sigh of relief, he remembered the commitment he made to give all the money away. He obeyed the Holy Spirit, gifted the funds to the missionary, and after the service, was gathered with some people from the church having a meal. During this fellowship, he was approached by a man in a suit, one whom he had never met, and the gentleman ended up writing him a check for ten times the amount of the original offering! 

My friend, while it can be difficult to practice radical generosity, the truth is that your provision for someone else might be God’s provision for you! The Lord stands outside of time and He is not concerned by the financial details that complicate your life and your faith. Like a child, your loving Savior wants you to know that you can trust Him and live in full and unwavering assurance that He will take care of you. Everything He asks you to do is for your welfare so that your life and generosity might point others to the goodness of His heart, all the while blessing yours!


Jesus, fill my heart with unwavering faith that you will always provide so I can make provision for others. 


How has God provided for you through your provision for others?

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