Pursuing Jesus in Solitude

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”

– Mark 1:35

Yesterday we talked about how being yoked to Jesus can relieve us of the burdens we carry. We’ve also been discussing loneliness and how it’s a common problem in our world that can breed isolation, a hardened heart, and brokenness in relationships. So today, I want you to know this: While it’s beneficial to stay active, the solution to these problems is not to flood yourself with more people, more work, more events, or more commitments — it’s actually less. Just as Jesus set the example for us in finding solitude and silence, we should follow His lead and pursue these peaceful times for ourselves. 

Our society is constantly on the move. We have more information, more resources, more devices, and more distractions than ever before. Beyond that, we have gridlock; we stand in lines, sit in traffic, and we wait. Naturally, while we do that, our tendency is to take out our phones and consume even more data, but this is not going to help us. On the contrary, there’s an ancient wisdom called the via negativa that asserts that when we approach God, we do it by denying ourselves and removing distractions from our lives. In the same way you would remove shrubbery from a path you walk on, you can and should remove the barriers between you and the Lord. 

Friend, in a time of spiritual desperation and loneliness, God is calling you to pursue solitude and silence. Though it is counterintuitive and it takes more effort than any “quick fix,” it is the only place your heart can truly find rest. When you purpose in your mind to seek Him until you find Him, only then will true peace, connection, and breakthrough come. It takes discipline and determination, but spending time alone with Jesus is what you were made for. When you do it, your life will flourish! Isn’t that great news?


Help me, Jesus, to discipline my mind and to intentionally pursue times of solitude and silence, especially when I feel lonely.


How can you intentionally find peace and solitude in this crazy busy world?

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