“On reaching Jerusalem, Jesus entered the temple courts and began driving out those who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves,”

– Mark 11:15

Did you know that Jesus was not just the Messiah, but also called to be the Prince of Peace and the King of our lives? With this role of King comes authority to set things right in your life and in my life. Mark Chapter eleven speaks of Jesus entering the temple courts in Jerusalem. He sees the money lenders and knocks over their tables and drives them out.

So, why all the commotion surrounding the money lenders? During Passover, many Jews would come from all over to celebrate, but were only allowed to take kosher money into the temple. They had to exchange their currency for shekels that didn’t have any pagan imagery on them. It was okay to exchange money, but the money changers were taking an illegal profit from God’s people. This is where Jesus proclaimed he would kick over the tables and set things right!

Friend, remember that sometimes when we invite Jesus into our lives as our King, there may be things in our heart that He has to re-set. I imagine that cleansing the temple as Jesus did looked a little violent and messy. I think this is what happens as we go through life’s transformations. Sometimes, things get worse before they can get better. As you start digging up old sins or mistakes that you made, you may start to feel shame. Maybe you’re experiencing a lot of stress as you’re going through this transformation. But I want you to trust those things to the Lord and believe that sometimes things get messier in God’s Kingdom before they get cleaner.


Thank you, God, for fighting with us in our spiritual battle. You will have victory.


Can you feel the effects of a spiritual war in your life?

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