“He provides food for those who fear him; he remembers his covenant forever.” -Psalm 111:5

Hannah has a huge family; I mean, it looks like just tons of people. When we all gather at her parent’s house to pray, the first thing we do is stir up our faith through gratitude and memory. This means that we go around telling stories of ways that God has done a miracle. So I talk about when God healed my ear, and when I saw our missionary leader get hit by a car and she was fine, and when we prayed for rain and it did — you hear all these amazing stories of true miracles that we’ve all witnessed that are easy to forget. Then we pray. We don’t pray until we’ve stirred up our mind and our heart to remember we’re praying to a God who answers prayer; who does miracles. We are praying to a God who loves to break the rules and dote on his children. We are praying to a God who totally believes in nepotism — he’s just like, “I love my kids.” He being the king, and we are remembering people. Those memories — all the memories and the gratitude that we have for what God has done for us — change our soul. When Jesus offers us the communion, you remember what he says? He says, “Do this is in remembrance of me.” Don’t forget. Or eat the seder or the Jewish people eat the seder they do it in remembrance that God brought them out of slavery. God says remember my covenant. Our memories and these are the things that remind us of God’s faithfulness, reminds us of our ancestors, reminds us of our story, and it reminds us that in a long enough timeline, its victory. It’s good. God is doing great things in your life and in mine.

PRAYER: God, help me to remember you. Help me to remember how good you are.

REFLECTION: How can you practice remembering God today?

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