“I will be careful to lead a blameless life — when will you come to me? I will conduct the affairs of my house with a blameless heart.”

– Psalm 101:2

Home renovation has become a popular movement in our culture. There’s several TV shows, and even video games, dedicated to it! There are people who renovate their home with the premise that it’s going to be their forever home, and then you have house flippers who have no intention of moving in. Jesus wants to help us renovate our spiritual house — the home we’re living in. 

Speaking of renovating, we used to do a lot of social work at a church we pastored. The police would call us when they found a pack rat. We went to a home where the police couldn’t get to a lady who had a heart attack; it was that bad. Our church cleaned out the house, renovated it and painted. It looked so beautiful! I thought wow, what a gift this was. 

Can I tell you something? That same lady joined our church, and we would check on her from time to time. Unfortunately, her home was just as bad a year later as it was before we fixed it. The lesson here is we have to take responsibility for our own home — our spiritual home. No one is coming to renovate it. No one is coming to change your decisions. No one is coming to take a first step towards your dream. You have to do it yourself.

Friend, Jesus will assist in the hard work of renovating your house, but you must take responsibility for your life. Decide to move hand in hand with the Holy Spirit so that your life will be renewed. You will have a new heart; you will become a different person, ready for whatever dreams God puts in your life!


Jesus, thank you for assisting me in renovating my house. I will move with the Holy Spirit.


Are you willing to move hand in hand with the Holy Spirit for renovation? What will this look like?

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