“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

– 1 Peter 5:7

I recently listened to a podcast in which the speaker laid out an interesting explanation for road rage. He said that when we first learn to drive, we’re uptight about the responsibility we’ve been entrusted with in operating a vehicle and therefore, we’re very cautious. However, as we become more familiar with the ins and outs of piloting our cars, we relax and no longer experience the same level of conscious fear. However, we remain uptight on a subconscious level because, in the back of our minds, we understand that there are two thousand pound chunks of steel within inches of us at all times. Consequently, road rage occurs when someone does something that upsets us to the point where subconscious fear meets conscious anger, which can lead us to crazy behavior. This theory makes sense to me, and on a larger scale, I think it encapsulates what many of us are dealing with as we continue to navigate the strange waters of the COVID-19 crisis. While we may not be noticeably upset, especially since we’re going at a slower pace and not doing many of the activities we’re used to, we’re experiencing a level of subconscious fear and stress that demands energy, thus making us more irritable and sensitive than we would normally be. Since we’ve been living in a state of heightened anxiety for months now, it’s important to recognize what’s happening, to bring it into the light, and give ourselves grace, just like Jesus does. 

My friend, it’s okay to not be okay. These are tough times, and you’ve never walked this road before — but thankfully, your Savior has. Whatever you’re experiencing, don’t beat yourself up — Jesus is right there with you, and He invites you to cast your fears and anxieties on Him so He can sort them out. Although the future is uncertain, He is your soul’s true source of joy and peace, and His Spirit beckons you to quiet yourself, press into His power, and be restored. He will never leave you, and while things around you are constantly changing, He remains the same — loyal, faithful, merciful, all-knowing, all-powerful, and totally good. Let your heart settle in His steadfastness, and you will be equipped to endure, regardless of what comes your way!


Jesus, I cast all of my cares on you today, and I ask you to restore my soul, refresh my mind, and infuse me with your Spirit.


How is your soul faring in these uncertain times? Are you finding rest in Jesus?


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