Resurrection, Redemption, and Restoration

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.’”

– John 11:25

Happy Easter! This is the day we embrace the promise that because Jesus rose from the grave, He makes everything come alive! In this long-awaited spring season — after we’ve lived through one of the most challenging years in recent history — we can look around and see the fruit of restoration pointing us directly to our Lord’s resurrection power. Though the world has grieved much since the start of the pandemic, these losses have yielded clarified perspective and new hope. And while we will never be quite the same as we were pre-COVID, we can see how our Heavenly Father has worked in and through difficulties to bring us back to the center of His heart. As we’ve been forced to let go of what we thought was important, He’s reminded us that He is really all that matters. While we’ve wrestled with loss, He’s stirred in us a renewed hunger for His Kingdom, and now we understand that regardless of the state of earthly affairs, He lovingly holds our lives in His hands. Since Jesus defeated the power of sin and death, He brings redemption from even the darkest circumstances, because His blood covers all and conquers all!

My friend, He is risen, and because He lives, His resurrection power is working everywhere! Jesus wants to change you from the inside out, and if you’ve never received Him as your Savior, today is the day to do it. There is no other Name under Heaven by which you must be saved, nor is there any way to find true purpose apart from Him. He gave His life that you might experience restoration in every part of yours, so don’t delay any longer. Even if you’ve been walking with the Lord for a while, choose today to stretch your faith and receive a greater measure of His redeeming strength. Whatever you’re struggling with, hand it to Him, and trust Him to make that which perishes in human power come alive in His perfect love!


Jesus, I ask you to make every part of me come alive by your resurrection power. Forgive me, save me, heal me, and make me more like you.


What part of your life needs to be resurrected? Whatever it is, offer it up to Jesus right now.

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