Righteousness or Ruins?

“The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.”

– Psalm 19:7

Herod was crowned “King of the Jews” by the Roman senate, and because he embodied the ancient spirit of achievement and conquest (though not actually Jewish), he set out to make Israel a reflection of his own glory. Despite being neurotic and paranoid, He built stunning and expensive structures and settlements, including the Caesarea Maritima, which was a city on the coast that displayed the best of culture, engineering, and architecture. And although this majestic place seemed indestructible in its day, it now stands in ruins. He also built the palace and fortress of Masada, which was considered one of the most beautiful locations in the Middle East. Yet today, it too, has been reduced to wreckage. And while both of these landmarks were incredible, perhaps none was as over-the-top as the Herodium, which stood on a hill overlooking Bethlehem and was built to house its namesake. It boasted pools, gardens, towers, apartments and slaves; yet just like the others, it also now stands in ruins. You see, even though Herod was given an earthly title and every worldly advantage, all that’s left of his empire today is rubble. In fact, the only reason we know about him is because of the role he played in the story of the true King of the Jews, Jesus Christ. While at the time it seemed his empire would stand for generations, the God who humbles the proud and makes wise the simple always has the final say.

My friend, you may have every human credential, every form of earthly wealth, and every honor bestowed by fame, but unless you know the Lord who owns it all, you have nothing. Your Savior is your truest and most perfect delight, and He wants to satisfy your soul as with the richest of foods. In Him alone is pure joy and enduring peace, and apart from Him, wealth and worldly fortunes are only hollow ruins. No matter how simple it seems, when you put your hope in Jesus Christ, a supernatural righteousness is infused in your heart that makes you rich in the Kingdom of Heaven, regardless of your earthly estate. While you may have everything — or nothing — to your name, the Name above every other is your inheritance, and in Him, your legacy is imperishable and eternal.


Jesus, thank you that you are all that I need. Teach me to rest in your sufficiency, whether I’m in a season of little or of plenty.


Are your riches stored in the realm of earth or in the Kingdom of Heaven?

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