“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

– Isaiah 40:31

It is our responsibility as leaders in whatever capacity to keep people safe while also assisting them in becoming stronger. This is particularly true when it comes to parenting and grandparenting. There is a built-in tension in today’s environment between protection and the suffering that leads to growth. It’s easy to keep our children from trying the things they need to in order to develop character strength in the name of protecting them. For example, perhaps your child wishes to participate in a sport or activity that involves some physical danger. As the person in charge of their physical safety as well as their general development, it’s critical that you assess the pros and cons and make a decision that will lead to them being a better person in the long term. While there are some things that are genuinely unsafe, and there are many evils that we must protect our children from, we never want to let our own fear stand in the way of their character development. Being a spiritual leader or mentor is the same. While we want to keep those we love safe and secure in Jesus’ love, we also want to encourage them to do things that challenge them to exercise faith and trust in the Lord through challenging and stretching action.

Friend, you are safe and strong as a leader in the Kingdom of God. You are safe and strong under the Lord Almighty’s wings, and He is your shelter and shield. As a result, you are strengthened to share Christ’s love and courage with those who follow you. Take comfort in your Savior’s protection, and then walk out when He calls you into the unknown, knowing that He will build and maintain you where He leads you. Embrace a trusting rhythm in your own life and then pass it on to those around you, knowing that you are walking and leading in the footsteps of Jesus.


Jesus, teach me to rest securely and confidently in your sufficiency, Jesus, so that I might be strong in the face of adversity.


What does it mean to be strong when you find refuge in Jesus?

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2 Responses

  1. What an inspiring sermon that was I was really happy to see the children singing and the way they put everything into it.
    But I cannot u derstand why you have the lyrjcs on the blue screen for all to follow if you are lucky to be in Church. But we at home in Australia cannot read and sing along with you jn America.
    Anyway continue to spread the word.
    By the way it was great to see all the family on stage.

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