“Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.”

– Psalm 63:7

As leaders, it is our job to keep people safe, but also to help them become strong. This is especially true in parenting. There’s a tension between protection and pain that leads to growth. In an effort to shelter our kids, it’s easy to keep them from trying the things they need to in order to build character. Maybe you have a child who wants to pursue a sport that puts them at physical risk. As the person responsible for their safety and overall development, it’s important that you weigh the cost vs. the benefit and make a decision that will result in them becoming a better person in the long run. 

While there are things that are absolutely unsafe which we must protect our children from, we never want to allow our own fear to get in the way of their growth of character. The same is true of being a spiritual leader or mentor. While we want the ones we care for to stay safe and secure in the love of Jesus, we also want to encourage them to do things that require that they exercise faith in God through difficult and stretching action

Friend, as a leader in the Kingdom of God, you are safe and strong. You rest securely under the wings of the Lord Almighty, and He is your fortress and shield. In turn, you are filled with strength to impart Christ’s love and courage to the ones who follow you. Take confidence in your Savior, then step out when He calls you onto the waters of uncertainty, knowing that where He beckons you, He will also sustain you. Embrace a rhythm of trust in your own life and then impart it to others, understanding that as you do, you are walking and leading as Jesus did. 


Jesus, teach me to rest safely in your sufficiency so I am empowered to be strong.


How does finding safety in Jesus make you strong?

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