“‘And I myself will be a wall of fire around it,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will be its glory within.’”

– Zechariah 2:5

After the Lord made the bold declaration that Jerusalem would be a city without walls, He went on to state that He would be a wall of fire around it and a source of glory within it. Since they were rebuilding and in a vulnerable position, living without the protection of a barrier would put the Isrealites at great risk, and it was natural for them to want to construct a physical boundary. Nevertheless, God Himself promised to be their shelter; the challenge they faced was to believe Him. Would they trust His provision to shield and defend them or would they take matters into their own hands? No doubt, the latter was tempting since the obstacles that laid before them were great. In fact, in asking them to lean on Him alone, the Lord was petitioning them to surrender two of their most basic human needs — glory and safety. You see, whether we realize it or not, we are wired to seek security and to shelter ourselves from harm. If you didn’t believe that before the dawn of COVID-19, the pandemic has made it crystal clear: people will go to great lengths to guard and protect their lives. On the other hand, we also have a need for glory; not necessarily self-glorification or ego, but the built-in will to accomplish something that leaves a mark on the world. This is why the Apostle Paul made the assertion that Jesus Christ had become his hope of glory. No longer did he rely on his own feats or achievements to satisfy a desire for purpose; instead, he yielded to his Lord and invited Him to do something great with his life.

My friend, Jesus is both your safety and your glory! He is a shield around you, and the blood He shed on the cross covers you with protection. When you surrendered your life to Him, He freed you from the need to build walls around your soul and live every day in fear. Now, His fire within you burns brightly, consuming any panic or darkness that seeks to impede your path. Even better, He is your hope of glory. While these challenging times may discourage you, the Lord has unconditionally redeemed your future. As you walk hand-in-hand with Him, He is using your spirit to bring light, love, and healing to others as He writes an eternal story on the pages of your life!


Jesus, I trust you to protect me as I go about the work of your Kingdom, and I ask you to be my hope of glory.


Do you trust Jesus to be your safety and glory or do you tend to take these matters into your own hands?


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