“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.”

– Romans 16:20

One of the ways we gain victory over the devil’s attacks is to realize that he unfailingly tries to sell us on a shortcut. We talked yesterday about how the Lord moves slowly to fight our battles and that it’s important to stand by patiently for divine breakthrough. Unfortunately, lurking on the other side of this truth is Satan, who knows full well when we get restless. Rather than struggle with waiting, he tempts us to go after what feels good in the moment. Even though it’s just a “quick fix,” he whispers in our ear that endurance and hard work aren’t worth it, especially when no one else seems willing to pay the price. Therefore, while the Lord is busy cultivating in our lives an immovable tree, he tries to sell us on being a weed — one that springs up quickly, only to be trampled down by the weight of the world. Though he’s great at marketing, and he does his best to make sin look shiny and alluring, it’s all an illusion, because his real aim is always to steal, kill, and destroy.

My friend, don’t give up on the process because you’re tempted by something that appears more appealing. Your adversary is a deceiver, and he’s working hard to convince you that there’s a fast track to abundant life. When he comes against you with glittering images of how good you can feel right now, remember that Jesus has far better things in store — it just takes time to see them manifest. Like nine months are required for a baby to develop in the womb, God’s greatest gifts need room to grow, and even as they crown, they come through discomfort. Once they arrive, however, they provide greater pleasure, strength, satisfaction, and freedom than anything else the world has to offer!


Jesus, make me wise to the devil’s temptations, and give me resolve to “stick with you” for the duration of my journey.


How does the devil try and tempt you to go for a “quick-fix”? How can you resist him?

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