See Opportunity Over Calamity

“The Lord said to Gideon, ‘You have too many men. I cannot deliver Midian into their hands, or Israel would boast against me, ‘My own strength has saved me.’ “

– Judges 7:2

Seeing opportunity when everyone else sees calamity is a gift. This is the fifth in our series of seven ways to flourish and bear fruit wherever you are planted. The life of Gideon is a remarkable example of seeing opportunity. God called Gideon to save Israel from Midian’s oppressive power after being enslaved for seven years. Gideon’s mission to bring Israel victory over the Midianites’ 132,000-men army was seen as a calamity especially when God instructed him to reduce the number of his army to 300. 

Gideon trusted God’s instructions with his 300-strong army. If you’ve got a Midianite army with slaves and people from all different countries speaking different languages, that’s not a catastrophe, that’s an opportunity. Their army would have been similar to a huge university campus with thousands of students, teachers, and staff — all going their own ways. Gideon’s 300 soldiers surround the 132,000-men army, creating a lot of noise and fire, and the Midianites turn on themselves, are defeated and retreat! By the Lord’s hand, Gideon sees an opportunity for victory where everyone else sees a disaster. 

Friend, I want you to envision possibilities when everyone else sees calamity. Is there a best time to start a business? Most business people will say when the market or industry is growing. But if you can create a business during a downturn, your business will thrive and succeed when the market improves. What is the best time to start a church? Is it when people are growing in faith or when they are departing from it? When people are leaving the faith is a great time to rebuild discipleship! Trust God’s hand to bring you victory and your life will flourish when you embrace God-given opportunities! 


Father, give me the ability to see opportunity where others see calamity.


How have you seen calamity as a God-given opportunity?

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