“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.”

– 1 Corinthians 4:20

As we continue our discussion of Jesus being calm and relaxed, I want to look at the source of His serenity — power

The Lord was able to be calm because He was connected to His Father, who created everything and everyone, and therefore knew how things were going to turn out! He was fully God but also fully human, so as much as He possessed the ability to change any situation, He practiced the disciplines that kept Him “plugged in” to the source of His strength. He spent a lot of time in prayer, He went to lonely places, and most of all, He lived in the Father’s love, even while enduring the hatred of his neighbors. Although He was among people who should have known who He was and embraced His good and miraculous deeds, the religious and Pharisetical spirits hated Him. Even so, He kept right on abiding in the presence of His Abba and received divine power to carry out His call, regardless of what those around Him said or did. 

Friend, sometimes you can’t live in both the Father’s love and in your neighbor’s love. Unfortunately, staying connected to your source of Spiritual power and peace may demand that you are hated by some of those around you — the ones who are running from the Lord’s light. A big part of having serenity and tranquility is coming to terms with the reality that not everyone will like you, accept you, or approve of you, and that’s okay. Because the most important Being in the Universe — the God of Heaven and earth —  not only loves you perfectly but has called you His child, you can relax in His strong Daddy arms and be filled with His strength. Perfect peace comes when you forfeit the need to have the constant approval of others! Isn’t that a powerful thought? 


More than anything, Jesus, I want to stay connected to you. I lay down my desire to have the approval of others in order to embrace your power and rest.


Has seeking the approval of someone else ever caused you to forfeit the joy of abiding in your Heavenly Father’s love?

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