“David said to Saul, ‘Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.’ Saul replied, ‘You are not able to go out against this Philistine and fight him; you are only a young man, and he has been a warrior from his youth.’”

– 1 Samuel 17:32,33

We’ve looked in quite some detail at Goliath, so today, I want to introduce you to David, the other half of the famous fighting duo. Strangely enough, the young shepherd arrived at the Isrealites’ battleground to bring food to his brothers, and he had no intention of taking on the giant himself. However, upon hearing that King Saul was offering wealth and his daughter’s hand in marriage to any man brave enough to face him, he immediately decided to “give it a shot.” His undaunted courage caused his brother Eliab to lash out in anger (insecurity can do that), and it even took the king by surprise. Because David was young and used to tending sheep, Saul figured he wasn’t much of a warrior, and while he embraced his willingness to fight, he was concerned about his ability to stand against such a great soldier. To increase his odds of success, the king dressed him in his own clothes and fitted him with his best armor. Had he been a people-pleaser, David might have worn these things into battle with the mistaken notion that they would keep him safe, but instead, he threw them off because he knew they were an encumbrance. Since he was skilled with a slingshot, he wanted to work in his skill set. If he could kill a lion and a bear with such a simple weapon, he could certainly take down Goliath. Clearly, even as a young man, David was aware of his strengths, and he didn’t accept the labels pinned on him because of his profession. He understood that the Lord had anointed him for greatness, so he walked in confidence, used the abilities he had, and trusted the power of God to do the rest. 

My friend, I encourage you to walk in the ways of David. You’ve been anointed by God to bear witness to His majesty, and your Savior has gifted you with the knowledge and skills you need to carry out His call. Don’t look to the right or to the left, and don’t be dissuaded by those who wish to remind you of your shortcomings. As you face the daily battle called life, be confident in what you know, keep your eye on the prize, and expect Jesus to meet you with His power to accomplish what your flesh cannot. He is with you and for you, and He will bring you to victory as you stay the course and fix your gaze on Him! 


Jesus, give me confidence in my calling, and fill my heart with the faith to believe that you will do what I cannot.


How do David’s focus and faith inspire you as you face difficulties in your life?


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