“Do everything in love.” -1 Corinthians 16:14

Christian love is the kind of love that the world needs. Your love is proactive. Your love is brave. You’re not afraid to lay it all out there. Your love is empathetic. It’s caring and in some ways it’s simple. It’s simple because you actually care about people. I’m not talking about just romantic love, I’m talking about friends, and I’m even talking about loving your enemies, competitors, or people who disagree with you politically or religiously. Your love is not segregated. Instead, it reaches out in a way that is messy and dangerous and that’s okay. You have not withdrawn your love, your affection, your kindness, and your goodness for other people because you’ve gotten angry or because people have hurt you. You’re not judging, but instead, you’re seeking to understand before you assess that’s good. That’s what the world needs.

PRAYER:  Thank you, God, for giving us the perfect example of love. Help us to love others the way you love us.

REFLECTION: Have you experienced love being messy?

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