Small Changes Reap Great Rewards

“Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.”

– Matthew 7:17,18

Today, I want to share a powerful promise: if you change just one small thing in your thinking right now, it will reap great rewards in your life over the course of years.

When I was in college and high school, we used to go out on boats a lot, especially during the summer months. I remember one vessel we were on had this thing called a fly bridge, which was an area on top of the ship from which it could be maneuvered. Although there was a beautiful chrome steering wheel up there, there was a reason it stayed perpetually bright and shiny. Instead of sailing the boat with the wheel, the captain actually navigated using a jenky little box that was next to it. With a tiny plastic dial that could be moved ever so slightly to the right or the left, one small shift had the potential to completely change the direction of the vessel. Although there was no noticeable difference after the initial click, and you couldn’t discern much by looking at the horizon, within a few hours, your course could be completely altered. Fortunately, the same is true with your thoughts!

Friend, all it takes is a minor adjustment to bring about big changes in your life! Starting today, if you identify just one area of negative thinking, develop a positive antidote, and begin speaking it over your situation, things will look dramatically different a year from now. Remember, bad thoughts always produce bad fruit and good thoughts always produce good fruit. This is why it’s critical to train your mind to see the sweet fruit of potential and to let go of the rotten negative stuff. Plant seeds of positivity in your heart today and I assure you, the harvest will be ripe and plentiful for all of your tomorrows!


Jesus, I am thankful that I only need to make small changes to my thoughts in order to see a great difference in my circumstances. Show me where I can plant good seed in place of bad in my life.


What is one area or situation that causes you to think negatively? What is its positive antidote?

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