“The hardworking farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops. Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all this.”

– 2 Timothy 5:6,7

In the Christian world, we speak often of a principle called sowing and reaping. This idea takes its name from the farming community, specifically the practice of planting crops and then harvesting them later on, after they have been cultivated to maturity. Spiritually speaking, the concept is that what we invest in others through our words and deeds will ultimately spring up from within them and bear fruit in the Kingdom of God. Since the Holy Spirit waters that which we sow, He is able to bring forth something big and abundant from what was initially only a handful of seed (providing that the soil of a person’s heart is fertile). However, something we sometimes miss in this equation is that there is also a reward for the person doing the sowing. 2 Timothy 5:6 clearly states that a farmer should receive a share of the crops. In other words, when we are faithful to plant seeds of hope, help, and love in the hearts of those around us, it’s right and appropriate to reap a reward, and indeed we will…if we don’t give up. You see, when we water the souls of others, we ourselves experience supernatural refreshing. As easy as it is to stop pouring divine seed into the lives of our friends and family when we feel worn out and depleted, by remaining faithful to His call, we receive a measure of energy and a bucketful of blessings that far outweigh our initial investment. 

My friend, while I know this time may be tiring and taxing, I encourage you to keep diligently planting good seed in the hearts of those around you. Even if it feels as if you have nothing else to give, train yourself to see the blessings in your midst and resolve to pay them forward. Whether it’s a brief text, an email, a card, or a sincere compliment during an in-person interaction, be the life-giving presence that is sorely lacking in a world overrun by negativity. Although you might not see the impact of your kindness immediately, choose to believe that Jesus is using you to minister healing to others, and know that if you persist, you will reap a harvest of goodness that will ultimately fill your life with the abundant and sweet fruit of shared faith. 


Jesus, help me to continue pouring good seed into the lives of others, knowing that as I refresh them, you will refresh me.


As you sow into those around you, do you expect to share in the harvest that comes forth as a result?


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