Staff Spotlight: Carolien Wakker

By Carolien Wakker, Hour of Power Intern 

“Welcome to the Hour of Power Family!” That’s one of the things I remember hearing first when I got here. I didn’t know what that would mean back then, but I know now. And it has been an amazing experience.

Hi, I’m Carolien! For the last two and a half months, I have been interning at Hour of Power. I helped with a number of communications activities (writing, social media, etc.) and events. I also had the opportunity to get to know other fields of operations, by meeting people from different departments and participating in meetings throughout the organization.

Back in The Netherlands, where I’m from, I have been working in the field of communications and events for a few years. For quite some time, I felt a strong desire to go to Hour of Power and be a part of this television ministry and its operations. Last spring, I reached out to Hour of Power USA through the Dutch TV presenter of Hour of Power. Step-by-step, it all came through: The presenter was enthusiastic, leadership in the US was excited, Shepherd’s Grove congregants offered me a place to stay… it felt truly God-sent.

Going to a different country, working at a teleministry, and being part of the “Hour of Power Family” has been an amazing experience. I’m glad I could help for a while, and at the same time, it has given me so much — both professionally and personally! It has given me more clear-sighted vision for what I can do with my talents. And I’ve been inspired by the positive, loving, God-centered, trustworthy and joyous people at Hour of Power and Shepherd’s Grove. That has really been life-changing to me!

These last few months have been a tremendous blessing. A big “thank you” to the amazing Hour of Power and Shepherd’s Grove team! Blessings for all the great work you do!