Staff Spotlight: Christine Trummel


We are so lucky to have Christine Trummel as a part of our Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller staff.

You may know her from the friendly voice that answers the phone, or the smiling face that greets you at the bookstore at Shepherd’s Grove on Sundays. But you may not know is … she has a powerful story.  

Christine grew up in New Jersey as a pastor’s kid but turned away from her faith after losing her dad in her twenties. She was mad at God and felt an emptiness in her soul. So she began to fill it with just about anything she could … besides Jesus.

After many years of struggling with this feeling, Christine and her husband wandered into the Crystal Cathedral on a Sunday morning. With little knowledge about the church’s history, Christine was surprised to find a young man in the pulpit. 

Turns out, it was none other than Bobby Schuller, sporting a sweater and dusty boots. Christine was overwhelmed by the humility that his outfit portrayed and joy and peace that radiated from his spirit.

Over the next few weeks of hearing Bobby preach, Christine decided that she wanted exactly what Bobby had … and she knew she could only get it from God.

As Crystal Cathedral transitioned into our new home here at Shepherd’s Grove, Christine and her husband knew that this would be their home church. After a few months, Christine told herself, “I want to work here and be a part of this.” But her husband pointed out that the Crystal Cathedral “wasn’t hiring.”

Exactly two weeks later, an ad for a job at the church popped up in our church bulletin. Christine interviewed and immediately received a part-time position in Teleministry. Christine had a full-time corporate job during the week and worked here on the weekends — just because she loved this church.

Because of her hard work, not much later, Christine’s job turned into full-time. Now, we are lucky to have her on the team as Donor Ambassador and Planned Giving Coordinator where she is able to lead, pray for, and bless our congregation, Hour of Power viewers, and our staff, as well!

Christine is not only a fantastic employee, but she’s a caring friend to all. Her spirit radiates through our offices at Shepherd’s Grove as she brings smiles, encouragement, and God’s grace to everyone she encounters.

Christine is going to be an incredible pastor in the future. She recently graduated from Cottonwood Leadership College with an associates degree in Theology and Biblical Studies.  

Her next step? She’s furthering her education by taking classes at Biola University and will be attending seminary to become a pastor.

Christine is already doing incredible things for God’s Kingdom and He’s going to use her for so much more.  We can’t wait to watch as God moves in her life! 

God loves you, Christine, and so do we! We’re so grateful for you.