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Story Wall

Pastor Schuller, you are a

Pastor Schuller, you are a blessing to all who hear your sermons, whether it’s just one or every week. You certainly have been a blessing of encouragement to me in my walk with the Lord. My daughter and I donate clothes and other items to a non profit group who runs a store for people… Read More “Pastor Schuller, you are a”

Nancy English

I supported Hour of Power

I supported Hour of Power and Hour of Power help me to become wisdomer.

Ferenc Laszlo Deak

i helped my friend lynn

i helped my friend lynn clean up her house for a party to have her dad to come over for dinner we made

rebecca long

Someone help me and I’m

Someone help me and I’m trying to help someone if i have substance

Bran Yod

Some things I do to

Some things I do to be kind to others: I paid for coffee for the person behind me in line. It can be fun and a great conversation starter. I also paid attention and listened to someone. People need to know they’re being listened to. I enjoy being kind to others because it makes me… Read More “Some things I do to”

Jennifer Ayoub

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for the kindness reminder. The list is very helpful. ❤️ I had depression few years ago, my husband, children, friends, and counsellor are very supportive. Thank you Jesus for sending his people to help people in needs.

Tingting Lai

so great i will never

so great i will never be able to repay robert schuler

Bobbathan the builder

My neighbor next door to

My neighbor next door to me is a person that checks on me daily in the morning and night time to see how l am takes me to all my doctor appointments and dental work fill my medical pill 💊 in a container for morning and night and shot in my arm every night also… Read More “My neighbor next door to”

Paul Dennison

My fiancé helped me to

My fiancé helped me to understand Jesus much more! I am now a born again Christian ✝️ ❤

Markara Nicole Bermel

I helped a neighbor pay

I helped a neighbor pay rent.


From: Hugh H. (VA)

“Bobby, thanks for the powerful way in which you are focusing on the Sermon on the Mount. I especially appreciated your reading of ‘Blessed are’ in the Beatitudes this past weekend. Like other clergy train in my time, I thought of those statements in the same sense as your grandfather’s ‘Happy are those…’ interpretation. You… Read More “From: Hugh H. (VA)”

From: Gerald B. B. (PA)

“I became familiar with the Hour of Power sometime after August, 1986 when my beloved wife died at the age of 50 from lung cancer. I was angry, sad, and lonely; I began to search for answers. It was during this time that I became familiar with the Hour of Power. I turned on the… Read More “From: Gerald B. B. (PA)”

From: Floyd and Betty W. (Canada)

“There are not enough words to explain how my husband and I enjoy your service! The morning you spoke on divorce was the best we have every heard and one could really see from your face expression how sad it really is. You are doing such a wonderful job” 

From: Marilyn P. (FL)

“We so look forward to watching your services every Saturday night. It is our church service for the week. We love the quality of music. Also enjoy singing along on songs we know. Keep up the good programs. We are so happy to hear Bobby give messages that speak to the heart. We pray God’s… Read More “From: Marilyn P. (FL)”

From: Betty L. W. (AZ)

“We love the Hour of Power and especially love and appreciate Bobby Schuller. We find his messages extremely inspirational and motivating! We pray he will be with the Hour of Power for many years to come. Thank you for finding him for all of us who love and listen to Hour of Power each week.… Read More “From: Betty L. W. (AZ)”

From: Rita R. (NE)

“We love listening to you at Shepherd’s Grove and the church is beautiful. What matters most to us is your messages of hope and seeing the love of the Lord in you, Bobby. We appreciate you Bobby and your courage to keep the ministry alive! We are going to put your devotional books to great… Read More “From: Rita R. (NE)”

From: Dorothy S. (OH)

“Thank you, Bobby, for your encouragement. My husband is very near death. Your sermons help me to keep going!” 

From: Diana H. (Big Rapids, MI) 2/21/14

“I would very much like to thank you for helping me to change my life. A year and a half ago I stumbled upon your program searching channels one Sunday and I have no missed maybe 4 shows since. I was raised Catholic and as hard as I tried I never got anything from the… Read More “From: Diana H. (Big Rapids, MI) 2/21/14”

From: Darrel and Marion D. (VT)

“We watch the Hour of Power religiously (pun intended) and our souls never fail to be lifted up by the music, interviews and message. The services are what we need to maintain the faith and hope that God’s desires will ultimately prevail.”

From: Dana B.

“Bobby, I have watched the Hour of Power for many years and God has blessed and encouraged me during difficult times in my life, as I tuned in each week. I firmly believe God has placed you there for such a time as this. The spiritual depth in each of your messages far exceeds your… Read More “From: Dana B.”

From: Coy and Pat B. (Truth or Consequences, NM)

“We never miss Hour of Power. You make us feel so thankful for what we have. We send our love.”  

From: Colonel Clifford K. (PA)

“The Hour of Power recharges my spiritual battery every Saturday night on TV so that I can face the unknown week ahead. I pray for you on my knees every night, asking God to continue blessing your efforts to revive us again.” 

From: Carol B. (Pembroke Pines, FL)

“I have so much respect and love for Bobby Schuller and his family, I really have no words to express how much the love of God and this program means to me.”  

From: Betty V. (Sheridan, TX)

“Hour of Power has opened my mind and heart to receive the love and many blessings from our Lord. God bless you all!”

From: Berniece A. (IN)

“As we are in our 80’s and live in Indiana, it is hard for us to get to our church every week. Since we have found a station where we can get at noon on Sundays, it has been a great blessing for us.” 

From: Anonymous

“My husband was recently placed in a nursing home and it’s just too painful for me to go to church without him, so thank you for being on the air and being my temporary church.” 

From: Annette S. (CA)

“I am thankful to watch you weekly on TV. I’ve made some mistakes but I’m thankful I’ve learned from them. Thank you for reaching out to us in prison. It’s nice of you to mention us often. I love the Hour of Power. It gives me peace to listen to your words of wisdom weekly.… Read More “From: Annette S. (CA)”

From: Alice D. (AZ)

“Bobby’s messages help strengthen my confidence in God. Bobby is so special. May his ministry flourish forever!” 

From: Audrey T. and family (New Zealand)

“The donation is a joint offering from my family. My mum, dad, sister, and I enjoy tuning in to watch the hour of power and particularly listening to Bobby Schuller’s sermons. We find him very relevant and humorous and his teachings usually strike a chord with us. We thought it was fitting to give back… Read More “From: Audrey T. and family (New Zealand)”

From: Mrs. B. (Switzerland)

“This morning I watched the TV show. It was illumination, inspiring, and anyway super like very Sunday. I am so very glad for these programs – they help really get ahead and establish closer contact with God. From my side a great big thank you.”

From: Robert D.

“Dear Pastor Schuller, My Story is still a very painful and difficult one to tell but feel compelled to do so. My hope is that by sharing My Story it will help others to better understand how important The Hour of Power is not only to myself but also to the millions of others around… Read More “From: Robert D.”

From: R. Ribi (Switzerland)

“Many years ago I came to know Dr. Robert H. Schuller by the broadcast. He was a great help to me when I was young (I’m 63 now). Even if I never became acquainted with him personally he was like a father and a companion to me. My warmest condolences to the family, but we… Read More “From: R. Ribi (Switzerland)”

From: Raf I.

“My name is Raf Imara, born in Baghdad / Iraq. My life in Iraq (due to the belief of my parents) has not been easy, but in spite of this fact , I’ve built my life there and I enjoyed a lot of my family and friends. After I graduated from the University of Baghdad… Read More “From: Raf I.”

From: Nelly T. (Switzerland)

“Many years ago I saw the broadcast of Dr. Schuller on television for the first time. Since then, Hour of Power belongs to my life. Thank you for making it possible. To the delight of all of us, dear Bobby, you have agreed to continue the work of your grandfather. Your refreshing nature is very… Read More “From: Nelly T. (Switzerland)”

From: Marlis and Kurt H. (Switzerland)

“We are so grateful to our father in heaven for taking notice of the broadcast of Robert H. Schuller. We also are thankful for Robert H. Schuller and all the time we spent with the services and by this experienced a fantastic connection with heaven. We’re glad about how God worked through him and how… Read More “From: Marlis and Kurt H. (Switzerland)”

From: Latto S.

“Well, four years ago I got shot while I was on parole for a previous sentence. They violated my parole and sent back. After finishing that time I bumped into the guy who shot me and we fought. He made it clear he would shoot me again so I did a robbery to get enough… Read More “From: Latto S.”

From: Kristin L.-A.

“Hello! My name is Kristin. I’m 34 year old wife and mother of two and live in Nanaimo, BC Canada. I was compelled to share my personal story with Hour of Power because  your program has made a positive impact on my life. I grew up watching Hour of Power. Our family would often watch… Read More “From: Kristin L.-A.”

From: June B.

“And yes, Pastor Bobby you are doing just that. Your positive thinking is why people like me are drawn to your ministry. I was surrounded by positive thinkers while growing up. And your messages help to reinforce my need to stay positive not just one day of the week but each and every day.”

From: John K. (Canada)

“Bobby Schuller is getting better and better. His message is worth more than any other source for keeping our sanity and looking out for others. We love him and all you folks who keep the message coming.” 

From: Joanne W.

“I am truly blessed by the Hour of Power. I am recording some of Bobby’s sermons. I desire to grow closer to the Lord.” 

From: Jill Q.

“I could not live without the joy I receive from the Hour of Power! Thank you, Bobby and your entire team of believers and leaders.” 

From: Iris A. (Germany)

“I grew up in a Christian family and attended church in the Baptist community in my city, yet only the services of Hour of Power have really touched me. So touched that I got baptized last month. For that, I thank you.” 

From: Geri H. (TN)

“Your beautiful and inspiring sermon last Saturday night on healing was so meaningful. I look forward each week to watching your broadcast on TV, as well as the music which is so uplifting. Thank you for your prayers.” 

From: Don & Lori K. (Canada)

“We enjoy  your program every Sunday and so appreciate Bobby’s way of ministering to every age group. He really knows how to apply the Biblical teachings to our everyday life in a very practical way. God bless all who minister on the HOP in the front line and behind the scenes. We really appreciate this… Read More “From: Don & Lori K. (Canada)”

From: Dick & Phyllis Z. (WA)

“Thank you for your weekly broadcast that we watch at Tacoma, Washington. We are greatly blessed! Thank you, Bobby, for your special ministry bringing the Word in depth and with interest…not boring!” 

From: Catherine N. (OH)

“Dear Bobby and Shepherd’s Grove Church, About 30 years ago when your Grandfather Dr. Schuller was the minister of Crystal Cathedral, someone gave me tapes he had made about overcoming hard times. My eighth son Chris, was born with a birth defect in his left leg called Pseudo Arthrosis. A form of bone disease in… Read More “From: Catherine N. (OH)”

From: Bonnie M. (Canada)

“Young Bobby has been given the gift of evangelism. I feel the Holy Spirit in this Sunday message. Bless his ministry! I have been a viewer for three decades.” 

From: Bernie M. (New Zealand)

“Bobby is a truly gifted teacher and has a way of preaching that converys the meaning very well. He explains things in a fresh way, which is easy to understand, and the Lord always speaks to me through his messages. I also like his friendly, lay-back, natural way of communicating.” 

From: Anni & Gottfried B. (Switzerland)

“Dear Pastor Bobby, we received your book Know the Love of God Forever as a gift. We’re so glad about it and want to thank you so much. We’re so pleased and watch your sermon every Sunday on TV.” 

From: Virginia B. R. (CCA)

“I’m a loyal TV Hour of Power watcher! God bless you and your Jesus Ministry!” 

From: Velma Q. (MA)

“It’s been a year now since I began my worship in our Lord Jesus Christ through your service. You spoke to my heart when I was going through a time of rejection and defeat. You looked right through my television screen, responding to my thoughts of lowness and hurt. I realized, it was our Lord… Read More “From: Velma Q. (MA)”

From: Steven (TX)

“Dear Pastor Bobby, I am currently incarcerated for theft, but I’m not a typical convict. Like you, I was a full-time minister for 25 years and served as an associate pastor. After a painful experience at a church where I served for years, I was left with a deep wound and later attempted suicide. My… Read More “From: Steven (TX)”

From: Sharon M.

“I always make it a point of duty to try and listen to your soul filling messages. Sunday the 29th was no different. I am going through rough times. Often think of suicide but your messages bring hope, simple and thought provoking. I want to have the privilege of an ongoing blesssing from your messages… Read More “From: Sharon M.”

From: Sandra S. (IN)

“Thank you for including your TV audience/congregation. I learn so much from Bobby’s messages and appreciate the beautiful music and scriptures. Sending love and prayers for God’s blessings.” 

From: Roy D. (TN)

“I am 81 in age but you gave me a life where I could understand that God loves me and Jesus is my savior. Thank you.” 

From: Rachel B (CA)

“I have been attending Shepherd’s Grove for several months. In the last several weeks I’ve noted ‘My Story’ in the weekly Church Bulletin, has the Hour of Power changed your life? Though the Crystal Cathedral was never my church home, the ministry has a significant impact in our lives and family members as well. My… Read More “From: Rachel B (CA)”

From: Patti K. (WI)

“I can’t thank you enough for your message on Sunday. I watched it on Monday night and I sure needed that message. I often get hurt by what people say to me. To know that this is not from God helps me. I just have to not let things like this bother me so much… Read More “From: Patti K. (WI)”

From: Patricia K. (AZ)

“Bobby is such a refreshing young minister to speak to all ages. May God continue to bless the Hour of Power. I am a 76 year old shut-in so I am especially blessed to worship along with them.” 

From: Pastor Wilmer VerMeer (MN)

“Each week I long for the Hour of Power. You are such a blessing to us.” 

-From: Michael F. (VA)

“Last night I caught ½ of your sermon on the TBN network. It dealt with people who were the victims of others putting them down, making fun of them and belittling them, because they were different and just were not part of the “in crowd” – I have been the victim and victimizer of this… Read More “-From: Michael F. (VA)”

From: Mary Jane W. (VA)

“The Hour of Power is such a blessing and a highlight in my day.” 

From: Marie S. (Canada)

“I have been watching the Hour of Power off and on since the 1970’s wgenb your dear grandpa was preaching. My two daughters and I came to Crystal Cathedral for the Women’s Retreat in October 2004 and we enjoyed it immensely. When I attend my Baptist church I miss some of your services so I… Read More “From: Marie S. (Canada)”

From: Margot A. (UT)

“Bobby’s Christian message is my worship service every Saturday.”

From: Margaret H. (VA)

“Due to illness of my husband and myself I no longer attend church. I watch TBN constantly and enjoy it very much. I have learned so much about Jesus and love him and your ministry as well as others preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

From: Marcel V. (The Netherlands)

“You are my reliable guide, with clear explanations and great sermons for years now and for many of my friends.” 

Louie G. (WI)

“The Hour of Power since 1984 has given us the greatest gift of all, a wonderful relationship with Jesus. From Robert H., to Robert A., and now you Bobby. We are so grateful for this loving caring program.” 

From: Mehrnush K. (Germany)

Dear Mr. Schuller, May I introduce myself. My first name is Mehrnush and I am a new fan! I immigrated to Germany in 1984.  I am a Persian born German and was baptised in 1997 after having left Islam in 1982! I watched your sermon in German in Tele 5 and looked you up in… Read More “From: Mehrnush K. (Germany)”

From: Linda S. W. (WI)

“I watch Bobby every week- he makes me reflect on my life, laugh, encourages me to share the word of God, know we’re never too old to learn, and brings me ‘inner peace’ through the word of God.”

From: Kassy J. (TN)

“I want to say Hour of Power is beautifully built in God’s hands and He changes lives through you. I am only one of the lives changed. I have been incarcerated since February 1998 and only recently discovered Hour of Power on TBN. I am a stronger more seeking Christian because of the message Jesus… Read More “From: Kassy J. (TN)”

From: Karyn S. (NY)

“The Hour of Power show continues to richly encourage and bless me every week! I truly love all of you-so far away in California!” 

From: Joseph D. (CA)

“Hello, my name is Joseph and I have been watching Hour of Power for going on a month and a half now and it is changing my life. My family and I are being impacted by Mr. Schuller’s messages. Thank you. Keep it going!!!” 

From: Jesse M. (ME)

“I watch your sermon every Sunday here in jail. I have even given up my meal trays in order to get the TV to watch your show. Your sermons touch me in a very special way.”

From: Jean Ann H. (NY)

“I am happy watching your weekly broadcast lifting lonely and hurting people all over the world through Hour of Power with you Pastor Bobby Schuller and being part of your ministry.” 

From: Janis G. (AZ)

“What a blessing! Never miss your sermons on TV and know that our Father speaks through you.”

From: James & Deanna B (CA)

“Continued growth for Hour of Power. Keep up the good work! Your sermons have been a great source of inspiration!” 

From: Jacqueline G (NY)

“I have been watching Hour of Power for many years and I’m so inspired by your teaching. I am a Catholic and as you know there is not much Bible teaching there, however your sermons are always so inspiring and upbeat and I have acquired so much from just your weekly message. I look forward… Read More “From: Jacqueline G (NY)”

From: Hollie S. (NE)

“Because I have become a full time care giver for my husband who has major dementia, I no longer can attend my own church. I am so thankful that I attend Hour of Power with your congregation from my home and am blessed by Bobby’s preaching.” 

Greg B.

“Thank you so much for your ministry and for blessing me when I ‘tune in’.”

From: Glenn R. W. (TX)

“So I look very forward to Pastor Bobby’s messages. Please thank him for us. We love ya’ll.”

From: Cherlynne K. (SD)

“All of your sermons help me. It’s like you are talking to me directly (in person). There is something in each one that I need to hear. They give me the lift I need for the week.”   

From: Carolie K. (New Zealand)

“Thank you Bobby for the outstanding messages–always fulfilling a need at the right moment! We also find great joy and wisdom and encouragement when listening to your television sermons here in faraway New Zealand!”

From: Anne I.

“Am so blessed by your sermons and I thank the Almighty God for always being an inspiration to me and my loved ones.”

From: The Smiths (GA)

“I love your message. I feel better every day when I receive your message. Some days I feel like you are speaking directly to me. Thank you for what you do.”

From: Allura (ND)

“I’ve known Jesus all my life. But because of you I committed my life totally to Jesus. He is now my Savior. Thank you so much.”

From: Kathy B. (WI)

“Hour of Power has comforted my spirit for many years. Your positive, uplifting sermons have strengthened me through many life challenges. And we love your sense of humor, Bobby. A good chuckle is the best medicine when people are stressed out by life. And the music is so incredibly beautiful. Again, thank you for all… Read More “From: Kathy B. (WI)”

From: Karen K.

“I am so deeply touched and blessed by your message tonight. Thank you. You answered questions and hurts and lifted burdens off my heart. Be bold be strong for the Lord your God is with you. Strong in Him, that is, like you shared.”  

From: Hope S. (WA)

“When I switched over to TBN at 6:00pm last night I about fell over-there you stood with the “Robe”. I sat down immediately and stared at you (almost transfixed) a little later when you talked about it and you grandpa and started to “tear up”, it warmed my heart like crazy!! Thank you for the… Read More “From: Hope S. (WA)”