“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.”

– Isaiah 54:2

Our God is the God of redemption and restoration. Though His people were in captivity in Babylon for many years, He never ceased reminding them that He would ultimately bring them home to Israel, and that when He did, their lives would be even better than before they were exiled. While what they could perceive with their physical senses spoke of defeat, He invited them to assume spiritual vision that could see beyond their immediate circumstances. Since they lived in tents, He advised them to expand their dwelling places, embrace their new home, and expect Him to move in their midst to broaden their strength and influence. In fact, this account is the root of a spiritual principle that can benefit us today — we should prepare to receive greater blessings. Though it’s natural to think that good things will simply find us (and indeed many do), there’s power in making room for something better. While faith is a gift that God imparts to us in a specific measure, we strengthen it when we release it. Like a muscle, as we flex our trust and take it to a point of discomfort, though it feels like it will tear us apart, it actually makes us stronger. Knowing this, even when what we see looks bleak, let’s ask ourselves each morning, “How can I stretch my faith today?”

My friend, I encourage you to expand your spiritual tent this year and prepare your heart to receive greater things. While the devil wants you to believe that the days of goodness and abundance are behind you, nothing could be farther from the truth! Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your imagination with His unlimited might, then submit your plans and dreams to His keeping. When there are two roads before you, consider which requires the greatest measure of faith, and choose to travel the narrow path that leads to a better life. As you do, your trust will be strengthened, and you will be equipped to steward an even bigger inheritance of blessing!


Jesus, expand my tent and prepare my heart, mind, and spirit to receive greater things from your Hand.


How will you enlarge and stretch your tent this year?

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