Struggles Make You Stronger

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.”

– Psalm 42:7

Though it’s a theme we’ve touched on a lot recently, I feel like right now is a good time to continue talking about the refining and purifying power of struggles in our lives. There’s no doubt that history is unfolding before us in these turbulent times, and all of us are being challenged to look inside, examine our hearts, and find out what the Holy Spirit is saying to us. However, in order to do that, we must be willing to struggle with what we think we already know. This reminds me of when I went to seminary. Honestly, the only reason I had any desire to get a degree in theology was because I knew I had to have one in order to be an ordained pastor. My attitude going in was, “I have the Bible and that’s all I need.” While in part that was (and is) true, it was incredibly stretching to find myself amongst a group of peers who would challenge in twenty different ways something I had always held as nonnegotiable. Believe me, I wasn’t prepared for that kind of feedback, and part of me wanted to walk out and quit from the start. Nevertheless, what I realized as the months wore on is that the struggle was actually making me stronger. As I learned to accept the input of others and thereby confront my own beliefs, it forced me to go deeper with God and to seek His voice in more meaningful ways.

My friend, it’s a blessing to go deep with God, but to do so, you must embrace the struggle that makes you stronger. These unprecedented days, though they are difficult, offer a hidden opportunity to plumb the depths of your heart and seek the Lord in intense and profound ways. Though your mind feels anxious and is tempted to return again to a place of distraction that avoids dealing with the heart of the matter, peace and contentment are only found in the presence of your Savior. Instead of looking for answers in other places, run to Jesus, pour your heart out to Him, and sit in silence until He speaks. Be honest about the things that challenge you, leave them at His feet, and make room to hear His voice. He has an encouraging word for you that will empower you to carry out His good work until it is completed!


Jesus, I know that struggling with issues of faith makes me stronger. Please speak to me as I pour out my heart to you.


What issues do you need to struggle through with your Savior?


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