“If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”

– James 4:17

I shared yesterday about catching a shark when I was eleven years old, and how it taught me that being stubborn for what I want is (usually) a good thing. Another growing up story that reminds me of my unyielding nature happened when I was in the car with a friend a few years later. Michael was his name, and we were busy talking when he got into the drive-thru line at In-N-Out Burger. Somewhat distracted, he moved ahead a bit too quickly and just tapped the bumper of the vehicle in front of us. Naturally, he felt really bad, so we got out to inspect for damage. When we noticed a bunch of scuffs and scratches on the back of the other guy’s car, Michael began giving him his insurance information so he could file a claim. However, I decided to examine the situation further. Something just didn’t sit right with me, and as I looked closely at the marks on his car, they didn’t match up with the height of Michael’s front bumper, nor were they the same color. I quickly spoke up, and the guy knew he had been caught, so he played dumb, sheepishly apologized, and moved on. He was planning to take advantage of my friend, and I just couldn’t let it happen. Even at a young age, I was stubborn for truth.

My friend, be tenacious for what you know to be true. When the Holy Spirit illuminates something in your spirit, be quick to act upon it, whether it’s on behalf of yourself or another person. Simply seeing what’s right is not enough — to be stubborn for God’s Kingdom, you have to take action. While it’s important to use wisdom and to avoid responding out of turn, calmly and confidently advocating for righteousness is an important part of being the salt and light of Christ in the world. Be adamant for good but loving toward people, and you will change many lives for the better.


Jesus, give me courage and boldness to be stubborn for what’s right, but keep my heart loving toward others.


Are you stubborn for truth? How?

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