Stubborn Where It Counts

“To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life.”

– Romans 2:7

Have you ever been told that you’re stubborn? I sure have — in fact, I’ve heard it many times. And though most people tend to think such a description is a bad thing, I really don’t see it that way. There are certain areas of life in which it’s beneficial to be persistent and tenacious, especially when it comes to achieving goals and doing the right thing; however, there’s a catch. We should be stubborn for good things but soft toward people. In other words, be stubborn for our vision but soft toward our team, and stubborn for our jobs but soft toward our families. Though mules are thought to be obstinate and unyielding, they are also sweet and compassionate, and this is how we should be as well. While it can be a challenge to embrace the toughness required to get the job done and not bring the hardness home with us, the answer is found in the gentle strength of our Savior. As we keep our hearts open, humble, and prayerful before Him, He reminds us that He is fighting our battles, so we can surrender harsh and controlling ways to Him. When we do what we can, He does the rest, and He gives us eyes to see people as a blessing rather than as competition

My friend, pursue a stubbornness that is yielded to Jesus, and keep persisting in the right places. Don’t give up on the dreams He’s planted in your heart and stop at nothing to carry out His vision, but always stay soft toward your fellow man. The Kingdom of God is about winning precious souls, and while it’s tempting to push others aside to get to where He’s called you to be, this defeats the power in your purpose. Let your Savior channel your tenacity to accomplish His perfect will, give priority to other people, and your impact will be unfading and eternal!


Jesus, teach me to be stubborn toward my call and soft toward people.


How might you embrace stubbornness but keep your heart right before God and others?

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