“God again set a certain day, calling it ‘Today.’ This he did when a long time later he spoke through David, as in the passage already quoted: ‘Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.’”

– Hebrews 4:7

I’ve heard stories about soldiers who’ve gone to war, and though they depart from home full of life, vitality, and hope, they return bitter and disillusioned. Fighting for so long — often on the front lines and in the face of death itself — leaves them wounded and unable to let their guard down again. And while most of us haven’t been in this kind of physical combat, the fatigue of fighting is something that we all can relate to. So today, I’m writing to the warriors who are battle-scarred and weary. Life has dealt you a hard blow, and it’s been one thing after another. Maybe it’s losing loved ones, mourning the loss of multiple relationships, or uncovering numerous painful truths on your journey to wholeness and healing. Whatever it is, the Lord understands the depths of your anguish. He’s been there the whole time, and He is grieved by all that you’ve gone through. He wants you to know how deeply He loves you, and He is asking you to surrender your brokenness to Him. Though it’s easy to become bitter and give into the resentment that leads to a hardened heart, He is offering you a better way. As you open yourself up before Him, the light of His presence will soften your spirit and set you free to find joy once more in loving others.

My friend, your Savior is speaking to you, and His voice is soft and tender. He knows how worn you are, and He wants to minister to your soul and refresh your spirit. As you look to Him, He will heal your hurts and fight every battle that you face. Even better, He will keep your heart open toward people. As you meditate on His words of hope and let His light pierce your darkness, He will pour out compassion, mercy, and empathy for others. Your surrendered wounds can become wonders in His Kingdom, because He delights in making every worldly sorrow into life-changing supernatural joy!


Jesus, I need your presence to heal my heart and refresh my spirit. Break down my walls, and make me soft toward you and others.


Have your wounds caused your heart to become calloused? If so, take a minute right now to ask God for help.

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