“It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans.”

– Psalm 118:8

Have you ever been backed into a corner? Maybe you were unjustly accused or forced to take responsibility for something that wasn’t your fault. Perhaps you are facing a great obstacle in your life, such as a serious illness or the threat of losing your home or business. Even if you are staring death in the face, I want to encourage you today that God can turn your situation around for good. The key to experiencing His blessing and power is to relinquish your desire to take control. In other words, you must surrender

In the Kingdom of God, what He invites us to is often the opposite of what feels right or seems natural. Instead of being closed-fisted, or holding onto our “right” to be angry, He says to hold it loosely, and ultimately, let it go. This doesn’t mean that we lose hope or that we stop trying to make something better, but we first bring it before the Lord and surrender it to Him. It’s okay to be honest about how we feel and even to tell Him that we don’t understand what’s happening or that we’re angry about something. He can handle our emotions and He welcomes our truth.

Friend, when you give all of your life to the Lord in transparent surrender, He will exceed your expectations. His love will be revealed in a new way that will help you to endure what you are going through. There is too much difficulty in this world to try to handle it on your own, so remember that your life is in God’s care. Let go of controlling tendencies and give Him your trials, and watch as He gives you something better in return!


Jesus, I lift my hands to you and surrender. I abandon the outcomes to you, knowing that you will do something greater than I ever could in my own strength.


What do you need to surrender to the Lord today?

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