Trust God’s Heart

“They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” – Psalm 112:7 As we have learned about the winter and wilderness seasons, as well as King David’s life, we’ve come to the understanding that difficult times often bring mixed blessings and that they always serve a purpose. I have a few practical tips that can help you better manage these difficult times in your life, which will surely occur. First and foremost, avoid asking too many questions. It’s natural to want to know why something bad is happening to us, so we ask questions like, “Why is this happening to me?” “What does this mean?” or “What does this mean?” While I don’t want you to feel bad about asking those questions, I do want to reassure you that you don’t need to know all the answers. Whenever something bad happened to our

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The God Nearby

“‘Am I only a God nearby,’ declares the Lord, ‘and not a God far away?’” – Jeremiah 23:23 I just love the Lord. There are so many things that make Him amazing, and one that always confounds me is how close He is to us, His children. Though He is the all-powerful Architect of the Universe, He is intimately acquainted with all of our ways. Whenever we cry out to Him, even with just the faintest whisper, He not only hears us, but He’s swift to answer. He’s faithful to let us know that we are seen and cared for in a manner that is personal to us. And while near is not something we normally think of the Almighty Deity being, our wondrous Savior is just that. Why, then, does He say in Jeremiah 23 that He is both close and far off? Though it might appear so, this

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