Teach the Children

“But Jesus called the children to him and said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’ ” – Luke 18:16 Born in 120 BC, Jewish scholar Simeon ben Shetach felt strongly that children should be taught the Torah, which is basically the first five books of the Bible. He emphasized that aside from adults, our children also need to know an incredibly important part of human history as shared through the Word of God. There’s a wonderful book written called When Children Became People. And the argument was that in the ancient world, children were not considered people. They were considered property. And it was commonplace for children to be sold into slavery, to be abused, and in the worst cases, to be sacrificed and tortured to pagan gods.  It was the Jews who, in

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About the Music: “Let There Be Peace on Earth”

We are so blessed by our Voices of Hope Children’s Choir! Here they are performing their rendition of “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” accompanied by the Hour of Power Choir and Orchestra. This beautiful anthem was developed in 1955, with the words written by Jill Jackson and the melody by her husband, Sy Miller. Jill, after having experienced a sharp dip in her depression which led to her attempted — and failed — suicide, her heart then opened wide and willing to God’s unconditional love. She discovered from that moment on that she has a purpose, and her life and talent for music were valuable. A decade later, Sy and Jill went to a California retreat in the mountains where they met an array of young people with various socioeconomic, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. This week-long retreat was dedicated to exploring friendship through education and conversation. Introducing their song

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From the Desk of: Geoff Madison, Pastor of Family Ministry

The Power During the Hour That You Do Not See! As the familiar strains of “Joyful Joyful” fill the Sanctuary signaling the start of Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller, the power of God’s Holy Spirit is also at work in other places on the campus of Shepherd’s Grove. In our Sprouts Children’s Ministry, our nursery and preschool are learning about “The Giant Picnic” – the feeding of the 5000 – through music, video, puppet shows and crafts.  They are in a lesson series called “All About Jesus”. Our kindergarten through 5th-grade children just finished a great, two-week Easter Eggstravaganza and now are in the middle of Zooplosion – an eight-week series of lessons where animals are a part of the Bible story.  Kids have fun in our pre-session room and then head into the Zooplosion Theater for music and learning programs.  Then, they finish up in their small group

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