DIY: 5 Ways to Change Someone’s Life

DIY: 5 Ways to Change Someone’s Life!

DIY: 5 Ways to Change Someone’s Life! In a world that seems so full of bad news, isn’t it amazing to know that you have the power to build a vibrant and living faith that can forever change the lives of others? Here are five things you can do yourself to make a huge difference today: Be Friends with Jesus — know Him, live like Him, and those around you will notice! Pray — have conversations with God; share your heart with Him and ask Him to bless others! Give — share your resources — time, talent and treasure — and God will do great things through you! Cultivate Faith — stretch your faith muscle, believe in miracles and watch the hope within you bring strength to others! Share Your Faith — tell your story;  talk about what Jesus has done in your life and invite your friends and family

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