Moving, and Moving Forward

By Cameron D. Jackson, Donor Relations Ladies and gentlemen, my back hurts. And I’m pretty happy about that. As you are no doubt aware, Hour of Power and Shepherd’s Grove are moving to a beautiful location in Irvine. The last couple of weeks have seen our first church services and recordings at our new home, which has been an absolutely monumental feat, to say the least. But we’re not done yet! We have staff, desks, filing cabinets, files (lots and lots of files), and a few dozen other odds and ends to move. Thus, my back hurts. As to the happy part? Well… The big words buzzing around my head during this move have been “good stewardship.” The search for this new location began as a desire to save. We’ve been leasing the property we’ve been using, and the price has gone up significantly. To be perfectly transparent, the running

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