God will fight for you

Jesus Yields All Power

“The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.” – Proverbs 15:3 We discussed yesterday how we have an enemy that is fixated on destroying believers before his eventual demise. Today, I want to provide another perspective on this: the devil may have his eye on you because God has chosen you to accomplish great things. My grandfather, Robert H. Schuller, is well-known to most of you. He was a magnificent man of God, and while he didn’t typically speak about Satan, he talked about spiritual battle, the Holy Spirit, and angels all the time behind the scenes. I recall one particular conversation I had with him about this issue. It was in college, and I was completely devoted to God. He was becoming older and required assistance from time to time, so I walked after him carrying his baggage. We were driving somewhere

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