“Because He Lives”: Life is Worth the Living

Dawning the Hour of Power stage last Easter, Marla Kavanaugh graced us with her operatic vocals a beautiful rendition of “Because He Lives,” accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra. While this song perfect compliments the Easter season, it can be encouraging all year round. It was written by Gloria and William J. Gather in 1971, during a time of societal distress, when negative headlines of assassination and war clogged the media and the minds of all who read them. During this time, Gloria and William were expecting their third child. It was because of this miracle they were able to clear a path within their troubled minds to write the clarifying lyrics: How sweet to hold our newborn baby, And feel the pride, and joy he gives; But greater still the calm assurance, This child can face uncertain day because He lives The assurance that

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Mission Monday: Myanmar

At Hour of Power, we strive to spread the message of love and dignity all across the globe in any way we can. Our very own Jonathan Thonglom recently returned from his heart-opening experience in Myanmar, where he traveled during Christmas with his mission group to warm the hearts of children in orphanages and young adults in school. Because the nation is predominantly Buddhist, Christians may only worship in public during the Christmas season. What a wonderful chance to take advantage of this blessing! Jonathan’s first stop on his journey was in Yangon, which is where Love Children’s Home, the orphanage, is located. LCH was started by Pastor Peter, who runs a total of 12 orphanages throughout the nation of Myanmar. Jonathan and a team of 17 other volunteers participated in Christmas activities with the children and learned from one another by sharing the gift of God’s love. LCH has

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