Hannah Schuller

From Hannah’s Heart: You Can Be Healed and Whole

I’m a part of an amazing ministry that has one of the best choirs and music in the world. So, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve always been a terrible singer. I did not grow up singing… anytime my family attempted to sing we would end up laughing at how bad we sounded. You know the feeling you get when you think about sky diving? That’s the feeling I get when I try to sing.  A few years ago I started taking voice lessons. “Singing will be a joy in my life not an intimidation,” I decided. My voice teacher, Sarah Grandpre, has me practice small techniques over and over and over to break old habits and train new ones. Some techniques are so small they seem silly to practice but they are important. Sarah once said, “Practicing a technique over and over again is like creating a new hiking path.

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It’s a Wrap: Bobby & Hannah’s Europe Trip was a Success!

Bobby, Hannah and Haven just returned from a trip to the Netherlands and Germany, where they visited with and held special services for our Hour of Power family there! Their first stop was Holland, where, in addition to speaking to crowds gathered in the cities of Middleburg, Leiden, Leeuwarden, and Veenendaal, they were able to take in some of the unique beauty of the country, even visiting Avifauna, a beautiful bird park in the western part of the nation (see photos below). After five days in the Netherlands, they embarked on the second leg of their journey to Germany, where they ministered in the cities of Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, and Leipzig! At each venue in these beautiful European cities, large crowds lined up to hear from Bobby & Hannah and to meet and greet them afterward! Not only were audiences blessed by hearing a special message from Bobby, they also enjoyed

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Bobby and Hannah are Coming to Europe!

We are excited to share that Bobby and Hannah are on their way to Europe for a two week visit to our Hour of Power family in the Netherlands and Germany! They arrive in Amsterdam on Friday, March 29th, where they will begin five days of ministry to our Dutch friends, with events hosted in the cities of Middleburg, Leiden, Leeuwarden, and Veenendaal! From the Netherlands, they will travel to Germany to host special services in the cities of Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, and Leipzig from April 4th to 6th. If you happen to be in Europe and are interested in obtaining tickets to the events in Germany, visit www.hourofpower-live.de. Holland is sold out! Also, please keep Bobby and Hannah in your prayers during this important trip — that they would experience traveling mercies and that God would use them to share the hope of Jesus with many who need to know Him!

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From Hannah’s Heart: God is Faithful

I just love the goodness and faithfulness of our God. Because, while we will all have difficult moments in our lives, the truth we can always come back to is that God is faithful to His promise and we can trust Him. In my family, we have a tradition that stirs up our faith before we go to God in prayer: We all share miracles of what He has done in our lives. Then, when we begin to pray, we remember what He’s already done and approach Him in faith, knowing that we can trust Him in all things! We remember miracles like when Bobby began losing his hearing and my mom went before God in prayer. The next day, he was healed! Now, I realize not all prayers are seemingly answered that fast, but it’s so important to keep praying. God is faithful. He still does miracles. Matthew 19:26

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Christmas Traditions with Hannah

By Hannah Schuller  A draft from the window meets my elbow. Aha! I find the culprit; I retuck the edge of my blanket behind my elbow. There… back to my cocoon of warmth. Amy Grant’s voice fills the room, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jackfrost nipping at your nose…” “Have y’all ever roasted chestnuts on an open fire?” I ask my soon to be sister-in-laws. No one had. “What do roasted chestnuts even taste like?” asks Kelsey. [3 candy cane shaped cookies, 2 mugs of coffee, & one Christmas movie later] “Chestnuts for us to roast on an open fire, ladies,” says Brittany holding up a sack as she walks through the back door. A spark of excitement rises in me. An hour later the three of us, all puffed up from layers of clothes and winter gear, are standing around a fire open to the night sky. We

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