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ROCK4CHOC: Hour of Power in the Community

At Shepherd’s Grove and Hour of Power, we strive to share God’s love and dignity with the people in the 15 feet of space around us. We’re excited for the opportunity to donate our campus on Sunday, August 5th from 4-7 pm, for ROCK4CHOC, a concert to benefit Children’s Hospital of Orange County. CHOC Children’s does incredible work for kids and families dealing with health crises. Every year, they host the CHOC Walk in the Park — a fundraiser walk held at Disneyland that brings in people from all over the country to raise money for these families. Many walkers have children, friends, or family members that have been or are currently treated by CHOC, while some walk in honor of someone who has passed away. Teams are compromised of many people from Orange County, including Team DAPS Magic, which has a number of Hour of Power staff that participate.

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Staff Spotlight: Janet Claes

How long have you been with the ministry? I started part-time/seasonal in 1991. What do you do for Hour of Power/Shepherd’s Grove? Payroll. How did God bring you to the ministry? Through an agency when I was looking for a job. What is your favorite part about working here? The people I work with. Do you have an impactful story to share from your job? I was looking for a job in 1991, I had a choice to work for Knott’s Berry Farm of Crystal Cathedral, I really wanted to work for Knott’s since it was close to my house and I liked Knott’s Berry Farm. But God had other plans for me. I started working at the phone center for the Glory of Christmas at the Cathedral. I was seasonal, and since I was pregnant, it worked out well for me. I was called back for the Glory of

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