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Hour of Power Choir Tour: The Conclusion!

Our Hour of Power Choir is back in America, safe and sound. From what we’ve heard, they had a great time! We wanted to share some more incredible moments from their adventures and performances. On Monday, June 25th, they toured the city of Arnhem and enjoyed some delicious crepes with some of our Hour of Power Netherlands staff before heading to the Royal Grote Kerk in Apeldoorn for their first concert. Choir member, Joslyn, shares her thoughts on their trip to the Netherlands on day 5 and what she was most excited for during their first concert.   Following their adventures in Arnhem, they traveled to Apeldoorn to prepare for their first concert, which was held at the Royal Grote Kerk, a beautiful church! Abdiel Gonzalez shared his thoughts before they performed in the incredible venue.   We received a video of our beloved choir performing during this breathtaking evening.

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Hour of Power Choir Tour Update

The Hour of Power Choir is about half-way through their tour in the Netherlands, and we have received some photos from our choir conductor, Dr. Messoloras. They arrived on Friday afternoon, and here is what Dr. Messoloras had to say upon their arrival: “We were greeted by friendly people from the ministry and taken on a beautiful dinner canal boat ride. We are SO excited to sing. Our first concert is just a few days away!” Here are some of the photos from their tour of Amsterdam and canal ride. On Saturday, Dr. Messoloras told us that they “sang for the elderly community housed within a Salvation Army unit, as well as toured downtown Amsterdam. Wonderful hospitality by our Netherlands ministry.” Our wonderful Hour of Power Netherlands family filmed part of an impromptu performance in the streets of downtown Amsterdam.   We hope you enjoy these updates! Keep following along

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Stroopwafels and Donuts

  Art by Sinae McKillips, Hour of Power USA  Story by Chris Tims, Managing Director, Hour of Power Netherlands The relationship between Hour of Power Netherlands and Hour of Power USA has always been a special one. It all started with Dr. Robert H. Schuller, whose roots were actually in the Netherlands. Obviously, we, as Dutch people, always love to refer to this part. And this relationship continues to bear its fruits today. This past Christmas, we organized two sold-out concerts in a big historical church. It was a wonderful event with great music. Bobby shared a powerful video message with the Dutch audience about living a joyful life. Also, Haven told us that she loves Holland! She envisioned herself ice-skating, eating stroopwafels (traditional Dutch syrup waffles). Don Neuen led a Dutch choir of 140 singers and said greeted our audience. When his good friend Jan van den Bosch interviewed

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Staff Spotlight: Carolien Wakker

By Carolien Wakker, Hour of Power Intern  “Welcome to the Hour of Power Family!” That’s one of the things I remember hearing first when I got here. I didn’t know what that would mean back then, but I know now. And it has been an amazing experience. Hi, I’m Carolien! For the last two and a half months, I have been interning at Hour of Power. I helped with a number of communications activities (writing, social media, etc.) and events. I also had the opportunity to get to know other fields of operations, by meeting people from different departments and participating in meetings throughout the organization. Back in The Netherlands, where I’m from, I have been working in the field of communications and events for a few years. For quite some time, I felt a strong desire to go to Hour of Power and be a part of this television ministry and

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