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God’s Glory is Declared Through Creation

“For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” – Romans 8:19 Did you know that it is human nature to believe in God? According to a recent Pew study, 90% of Americans believe in God. However, I’m prepared to guess that everyone in the jungles of Africa, for example, believes in Him. Children, too, believe in Him until they’re taught otherwise. This is because our natural state is one of belief; it is hardwired into us to look around in amazement and recognize that there must be a Creator of all the beauty we experience with our senses. The world is full of the Lord’s glory; I believe we see it all around us all of the time, and science is continuously discovering new aspects of creation’s wonder. Albert Einstein’s discovery that all matter is energy was one of the most important discoveries

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