Giants Fall

“Saul and the Israelites assembled and camped in the Valley of Elah and drew up their battle line to meet the Philistines. The Philistines occupied one hill and the Israelites another, with the valley between them.” – 1 Samuel 17:2,3 We learned yesterday that David was a skilled musician, but he was also a skilled warrior. In fact, when the Jews were in a major battle with the Philistines, he was the only one who dared to go out and fight Goliath, who was a giant enemy intimidator. The Bible says that there were two hills with a great valley in between, and on each hill, opposing armies were staged. In an effort to frighten the Jews and get them to back down, every night, they would send Goliath, who was about nine feet tall, to stand at the edge of the hill and hurl insults at the people of

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Anointed to Serve

“Now the Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him. Saul’s attendants said to him, ‘See, an evil spirit from God is tormenting you. Let our lord command his servants here to search for someone who can play the lyre. He will play when the evil spirit from God comes on you, and you will feel better.’” – 1 Samuel 16:14,15 Right after Samuel met David, the Lord confirmed to the prophet that he was the one who would be king, and without wasting a minute, he anointed the young man. While he wouldn’t take the throne for many years, at the moment he was chosen, the Holy Spirit came upon David and he was filled with God’s presence. Interestingly, at the same time, the Holy Spirit left Saul, and almost immediately, the king was tormented by a demon. Desperate for

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