Reading in the Morning

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” – Proverbs 1:7 We’ve been discussing my “morning meditation,” which is a daily routine that helps me prepare my mind and heart for the day ahead. I said yesterday that I write down my goals every morning as if they’ve already been accomplished. Today, I’ll share the final stage of my daily routine with you: reading a nonfiction book. While I want to be a good Bible student, I also want to get a broader understanding; I want to learn diverse views and become a student of a variety of issues, such as business, ministry, and leadership. As a result, I devote the last 15 to 20 minutes of my routine to reading a book that teaches me about these subjects. I’ve discovered that incorporating nonfiction reading into my devotional time keeps me on

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Bobby’s Morning Meditation

Last weekend, Bobby shared his personal morning meditation on Hour of Power. He mentioned that he was hesitant to share it in fear of promoting legalism in your life, so please pick and choose parts of his routine to work for you — make it your own! However, we think it’s really important to spend some time with God each day, no matter how long it is! Coffee + Water – First things first, caffeine! You need it. And drink some water to rehydrate. Psalm 23/Lord’s Prayer meditation (5 minutes) – The Bible says to “meditate” on the Scriptures 18 times, while it only says to “study” the Scripture 4 times. Reflect on Psalm 23 or the Lord’s Prayer with your whole body. Breathe in and out and let God’s truth move from your head to your heart. Prayer (10 minutes) – Use this time to pray over your friends, family, or anything

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