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Add Bobby’s “You Are Beloved” 7-Day Devotional to Your Quiet Time With YouVersion

Pastor Bobby Schuller is thrilled to share his new and complimentary YouVersion “You Are Beloved 7-Day Devotional” to inspire your quiet time with God or in a bible study with friends! This devotional is based on Bobby’s book, You Are Beloved, releasing May 29th (just 18 more days to pre-order here),  and will encourage you to live like God’s beloved, giving you Godly energy to do big things with and for Him. Practice reciting the Creed of the Beloved daily during this time and watch as your life begins to change just like Bobby’s did! The 7-Day Devotional includes a daily message from Bobby with Scriptures to complement it. Simply search “You Are Beloved” in the YouVersion Bible App to follow the plan, or access it online here. As you’re reading, let us know what you think of the devotional! Connect with us online on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #youarebelovedbook,

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10 Transforming Truths from “You are Beloved”

  We are super-excited about Bobby’s New Book, You are Beloved, coming out on May 29! Not only does it have the potential to change your life, but through your support, we believe it has the power to impact the lives of millions with the message of Jesus’ dignity, freedom, and unconditional love! Based on the Creed of the Beloved, the book was originally inspired by the teachings of some of Bobby’s favorite authors, Henri Nouwen and Dallas Willard.  As he learned from them, he began to focus on the truth that he was wholeheartedly loved by God. Eventually, he made it a habit to recite a version of the creed to himself every day. As he repeated the words that he was not what he did or what had, he noticed that he became a more joyful, content and all-around better person. So transforming was this practice in his

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