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From: Kristin L.-A.


My name is Kristin. I’m 34 year old wife and mother of two and live in Nanaimo, BC Canada. I was compelled to share my personal story with Hour of Power because  your program has made a positive impact on my life.

I grew up watching Hour of Power. Our family would often watch it if we didn’t go to church on a particular Sunday. My Grandparents were also regular viewers, particularly when they were unable to attend church in their later years. My Grandma would often quote to me words of encouragement from Robert Schuller. As a young adult, my Mom gave me a small book of inspirational quotes from Robert Schuller to take with me as I set out to travel the world. Like a rich tapestry Hour of Power has helped in weaving together the story of my faith.

I have stopped attending church regularly for various reasons and I started watching Hour of Power again after I gave birth to my first son Liam, I was yearning to connect with God on a deeper level. I was at home one day holding my napping baby when I saw Bobby Schuller preach for the first time. I immediately felt connected to him and the way he was preaching. I had never heard the things he was teaching like that “God loves Jesus as much as he loves me”. I began to learn and accept that I am the beloved child of God and that nothing can change that.  I was growing and learning so much every week and felt like my house was being blessed by the words Bobby was speaking over it as I watched on TV.

I believe this time of learning and growing helped to prepare me for the next chapter of my life. I became pregnant with our second child and we were thrilled with this news. It was around the time Bobby and Hannah began sharing the health difficulties of their son Cohen was when my husband and I learned that our unborn baby had a complex congenital heart defect. We learned that he would be born with half a heart and have to undergo open heart surgery soon after he was born. I can’t explain how or why exactly but Bobby and Hannah’s openness about sharing their son’s health issues really helped me work through what we were about to go through with ours.

I continued watching week after week as we awaited the birth of our child. Bobby’s teachings helped me to keep positive and encouraged and keep looking to Jesus in the midst of our challenges.

Our family had to relocate to Vancouver (from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island) 3 weeks before our baby’s due date to be close to the Children’s Hospital.

It was an emotionally and financially difficult time for us but God really blessed us in the middle of it all. Friends and family came together to help raise money for us and pray for our baby.

Our son Judah was born on June 17th,2014. He underwent a complicated 9 hour open heart surgery at 36 hours of age. After surgical complications, Judah amazingly recovered quickly and we were discharged only 6 days after his first surgery. Judah underwent then his second open heart surgery at 4 months of age and we think broke some hospital records by being discharged only 3 days later. Judah will undergo some minor surgery this summer and then will have his final open heart surgery to complete the process of changing the way his heart functions.

God has been with us from his amazing birth, through his surgeries and recoveries. God is continuing to reveal to us the miracle he has performed in Judah. While we were in the hospital I felt like I was in this bubble of protection with a peace that passes understanding. People keep telling me how strong I am – but I know it’s not me it’s “He who is in me” that has given me strength.

Judah is now 9 months old and is thriving. Judah is so happy and is always laughing and clapping. Our oldest son Liam is now 3 and is the most amazing big brother. Liam talks of our time in Vancouver and Children’s Hospital so fondly and often asks to go back!

It has not all been easy. There have been many tears and difficult questions we are still processing it all. Judah still has a long way to go. God has blessed us in countless ways during this difficult time and I feel like Hour of Power has been with us the entire way. Thank you for sharing God’s love with me week after week during the most difficult time in my life.

Kristin L.-A.